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Quickened Mobile Pages is an open-source coding standard for distributers. The go for AMP is for distributers to have the capacity to stack their destinations rapidly on portable since versatile responsive could be awkward and moderate since work area assets are substantial and bounty. In case we will be straightforward with ourselves, the vast majority of the components of a work area site is pointless for a versatile site.

Up to this point, AMP was only for User Experience. Presently, Google has supported it up – and is urging sites to stick to this same pattern. Much like how they proclaimed by and sty low for Metadata.

AMP Important

Ever endeavored to stack your site on portable? Is it accurate to say that you are content with the heap speed? I know I'm most certainly not. Hell stacking my webpage in work area is taking long and I have a respectable measure of speed for my web association – yet portable? The sum total of what I have is normally an inconvenient information design with the portable suppliers here in the Philippines.

LBasically, perusing on versatile while you're in a hurry will imply that your web speed isn't generally quick. So it's best to enhance the experience of versatile perusing for all clients (in any event that is the thing that Google needs to happen) by institutionalizing a portable form of your site with AMP being seo expert india we are on the top seo service provider.

Here are some few step that will guide for better AMP

Here’s where things get interesting because you can actually integrate AMP in about 5 minutes for your WordPress site. Simply follow these steps:

  • Install the AMP WordPress plugin by Automattic
  • Activate the plugin – what it will do is append /amp on all your pages but what it won’t do is redirect mobile visitors to your /amp pages
  • So the next step is to edit your .htaccess file – you could use an FTP program to do this. I personally use Filezilla.
  • (Optional) Just in case you want to check if your AMP pages are working across the board: In your .htaccess file, paste this code:
  • Best SEO

    Note that you have to change to your site’s domain name. I explicitly made the redirect into a 302 because we don’t want all the to link equity to be passed on to your /amp pages since it’s merely an accelerated mobile page version.

  • Lastly, you will want to edit the CSS to make your Accelerated Mobile Pages look and feel more like your site. You can edit the CSS using FTP by going to your wp-content -> plugins -> amp -> template.php