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What is Remarketing?

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Why is Remarketing effective?

Remarketing ads allows displaying ads to visitors who’ve previously been on your website as they browse the Web. “Remarketing ads”use programmatic buying to display ads on a broad array of participating websites. Within the Google ad network, a prospect who visited a brand website may see the advertisements of that brand on third-party websites. Remarketing ad is powerful in a marketer’s toolbox when used appropriately.

How Remarketing Works

Since the audiences that see your remarketing ads have already shown interest in your website content and information, these ads keep your brand top of mind among qualified users and motivate them to go back to your site to learn more and convert.
For example, if your company provides secure cloud storage solutions, you could deliver a remarketing ad promoting your services to a visitor who downloads an informative white paper about cloud storage security. These ads keep your brand top of mind among consumers who have already shown interest in your content and information.
You may have seen these ads around the Internet on news articles, review websites or blogs. Although they look identical to traditional display ads, they are highly targeted based on custom triggers and site behavior. By using a piece of website code to identify users that have browsed your website, major remarketing providers like Google and Facebook display ads to specific users on websites in their ad networks based on your preferences and settings.

Why Remarketing

By showing previous site visitors online ads as part of a holistic marketing strategy, you can achieve several important business advantages:
Reach Highly Targeted Audiences: With remarketing, you can create highly targeted and personalized ad campaigns depending on which sections of your site a user visits, or even which action she takes. Your ad will show up to relevant users as they browse other websites in your ad network based on your bid and preferences. Ads may also appear when users search for terms related to your products or services on Google or other search engines.
Increase Conversion Rates: Many visitors do not convert into an immediate sale after the first visit to your website. This is especially true for more complex purchases, such as an enterprise software or professional consulting services. When you remarket to website visitors in your target audience, you can keep these prospects engaged with your brand and in your marketing funnel.
Lower Online Advertising and Cost Per Action Costs: Retargeting ads are an extremely cost-effective way to reach qualified prospects. Similar to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, retargeted ads only cost you if a user clicks on your ad.
These benefits make remarketed advertising programs a worthwhile component of any marketing program. But setting up remarketing campaigns can be extremely complex and require advanced, customized specifications. To get the most out of your online display and retargeting programs, you need an experienced professional with a deep understanding of major online ad networks, such as Google.
At RosAda SEO Web solutions, our digital and search marketing professionals have a deep understanding of the Google Adwords program. We can help you get the most return on investment and generate high-quality ad placements to drive more conversions and leads for your business. Call us today at +91 99588 09459 to learn more about our robust digital and online advertising services.